Wild Eagle Browns Win

On location at the impressive Wild Eagle Saloon, Evad, Nelson, and Pyper bust the very first in person pod. This was recorded the Friday after the Browns first win in 72 years so we had to bookmark the occasion. Fair warning: TONS of Baker boners ahead. We aren’t exactly sure but we think Baker is the return of the Messiah. Check out GVartwork.com for the best shirt and to show them you support the podcast!

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Nelson Busts a Solo, Too

Not to be outdone by Evad, Nelson busts a solo, too. Nelson dives into a ton of topics. Our producer slacked and got this out a little late. One of the topics is on the hurricane but mostly touches on Al Rokers excitement for hurricanes and Rokers nipples. Then the pod delves into Nelsons “weird little fantasy, you will NOT want to miss it. Mario Bros and Tesla at the end and if you make it that far… mmmmmmmmm my betties.

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Cavs in 5

Pyper, Nelson, and Evad sit down with BHHH to recap the craziness of game 1. Do the warriors stand a chance? Will LeBron average 50? Is it normal to hide under blankets to hide from the TV? The fellas get to the bottom of it all.

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